Coping with Change- Big and Small

Happy October! As I reflected on the past month, I did everything I could to talk about something different than what everyone else is talking about, except that CHANGE seems to be the only authentic musing. So whether or not it is trite, change is what is real for me this month. In almost every way my life has completely transformed. I live in a completely new place, my teaching schedule has changed, the weather has changed, even my hair is a bit redder than a bit ago. I find myself in utter awe most days and absolutely beat most nights. If "change is good" and "the only constant" than perhaps we can all cultivate stronger tools for managing during times of change. I find that two mantras are essential to my own well being during times of change: 1. May my heart remain open. 2. May I give myself the time I need to rest. They (whoever "they" are) say that the root cause of our suffering is attachment to what was and aversion. So we suffer because we want what we want already and/or we suffer because we see something coming along and immediately turn a blind eye. It is not the thing, but our reaction to it. Whether you are adjusting to snow falling earlier this year than you expected, or a job/relationship/government not operating the way you would like it, or even to a new hair color or dress size, it can be challenging to keep your heart open. What I seek to cultivarte off the mat, I try to practice on it. I always think about the transition between Triangle pose and Half Moon pose in yoga. Most of us need to look down to maintain our balance, and in looking down, our spine shifts shape and our shoulders often hunch forward. After I make this transition, I have to remind myself to reclaim an open heart. In this past month, this idea has been monumental as I have transitioned in bigger ways than between poses. As change comes into your life, give your self the time and space to make the transition and then as soon as your able, reclaim an open heart. May my heart remain open. Second to having my heart open, and probably even more challenging for me, is the reminder that I need time to rest and restore. Not a lot of magic happens in my comfort zone, so leaving it will bring more magic, but also plenty to process and assimilate. I think about a vigorous vinyasa flow. I almost always like when the flow begins, but as it carries on, perhaps in its third or fourth repetition, I get overwhelmed and want out. Part of my practice, and my life, is finishing what I started. All that said, after the flow is finished, I appreciate and need a moment in child's pose or down dog to gather my breath and remember my intention. I moved 10+ loads of boxes and furniture to my new home in a Toyota Tacoma. Just like the story above, I loved the first load but by the end, I took just about all I had. If I were to remain vital, I needed to put sheets on my newly moved mattress and get some good rest. Each day in my new home, still a month later, I find a moment or two on the floor to find my breath and settle and rest my mind. May I give myself the time I need to rest. If this season/year/life has you spinning in change, perhaps don't resist the change, but continue to build the internal muscles required to make it through. Please continue reading for many changes and opportunities on the horizon at Meaning Full. As always, I am so grateful for your support.

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