My Reflection: Do I like what I see?

One year ago, on a road trip across Colorado, Meaning Full was birthed. This year has brought me so many opportunities to celebrate and even more to grow and learn. It would be easy to spend this entry reflecting on all these moments across the last year. As I sat down to do it though, I found it more interesting to speak to my literal reflection and its impact on my larger "body of work."

Do you like what you see when you look into the mirror? My most honest answer... Sometimes. More than I used to. From the right angle.

The body positivity movement is everywhere I look. I feel grateful to my sisters (literal and figurative) who aim to show us to a more loving vision of ourselves. I learn from and bow to your example everyday. Check out @bigbootyyoga on Instagram and the Netflix documentary Embrace for my present moment body positivity inspiration. This is a place where I am still learning.

We can often be our own worst enemy, but we stand the chance to be our own best friend. Over the last two decades of practicing yoga, I have grown to love more and more of the woman I see in the mirror. This is not to say that I see the spark in my own eye before the wrinkle beside it, but overall my practice has made me more loving and kind. This month I posted a sequence in short-shorts and stated that I am growing to love my thighs. Your responses were so sweet. You spoke to me with kindness I didn't have for myself. I notice and harp on qualities that I would never take a second glance at on another, or better yet, perhaps I would find beautiful in another. If we could learn to stand for ourselves the way we stand for one another perhaps we can become an ally for our own highest good. How much more good could I do, or you do, if we could actually see it in ourselves? How much potential is still untapped?

Each day I ask yoga students to remember there is light within them no matter what the pose looks like, what pant brand/size they wear, or what is going on around them. Beneath the surface, just beyond the image in the mirror, is a wellspring of goodness, just waiting for us to discover it. As long as we are lost in our own reflection, specially the wrinkles/asymmetries/imperfections, we will never find it. I believe wholeheartedly in this truth and hope to bring it more and more to life within myself and within my offerings.

All of these words to share with you that I believe in this Meaning Full work. There is certainly something beautiful already out there for you to see and be a part of. I commit even more fully to digging in deeper to show and share the wellspring of goodness that is still hidden just beneath the surface. I ask for your support. I need it.

As I enter this second year of Meaning Full work, I am inviting yoga teachers to join me in One-on-One work to not only help them grow, but to love the teacher they are today. This work lights me up more than almost anything else. Yoga is a practice that extends well past my lifetime and I am a servant of the teachings and believe that all yoga teachers can lean into the tradition more fully and share in their most human and vulnerable way. I know this can shape a better and brighter world.

In the "happenings" section of this email, please participate in my retreat questionnaire as I prepare to invest my time booking a retreat that you are looking for. I want to practice with you outside of the studio, but I need to know what it is you want to participate in. The survey will take just a few minutes and I would be so grateful for your input.

Many things will stay the same as I move forward. I will be teaching in Denver all month long. New classes are releasing on And I may be bringing the practice to a city near you. Let's make it Meaning Full together. See you on your mat.

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