Every Day is An Adventure

It is summertime in Colorado and like many others, adventure is never far away. It seems like anywhere I am adventure can find me. I have been on my bike and in a whitewater raft. I sleep under the stars almost as often as I sleep under my roof. We even saved the lives of about 100,000 bees just last week as we discovered a huge hive in a tree in our backyard. #urbanbeefarming Inside of my Meaning Full offerings, I am in the midst of huge growth from my 300-hour trainees. Nearly every day one of them is having a breakthrough. I am working with 8 brand new mentees in one on one and small group mentorship sessions. In the greatest adventure, my love life, I celebrate 8 years of marriage on July 18th. The month ahead looks unique in its own ways but it will all be filled to the top with adventure too- between Telluride Yoga Festival, a trip back to the midwest, and a wedding adventure or two or three with our food truck, Basic Kneads Pizza- adventure and I will be like two peas in a pod.

So why is adventure my teacher and theme for this coming month???

#truthbomb about to drop....

Keeping up and people's approval have been huge influencers in my life. I have outgrown many of the more obvious people-pleasing efforts and found much more of a home within myself, but it still shows up to keep me humble and growing. I have found that owning my adventurous heart has been quite hard for me. I believe I want to measure up to my peers. They seem to focus on family or activism, but the reality is that I wake up in the morning and I am hungry for adventure and fun. It is simply what my heart feels called toward.

So this month I will follow my adventurous heart with reckless abandon (not a new thing) and own it with my full commitment (totally a new thing). This is not to say that I won't be working my booty off, I just will love the part of me that is young, wild, and free.

What side of yourself have you put in the corner because another quality is celebrated more? Could you follow me on this journey and shine a light on it? What if that one thing you love and feel called to (the one thing I love and feel called to) is exactly what the world needs right now?

As always, thank you for your support and read on for more info on this month's Meaning Full happenings.

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