Where You Commit, You Expand

This week is Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO. For three days, in one of the more iconic Colorado locations, thousands of participants marvel at the story and movements of a divine monkey who could take leaps of faith.

In my own exploration of Hanuman, I aim at my personal leaps of faith. However, I have noticed that my hamstrings have an end point of flexibility, my natural deodorant does NOT last all day, and my bank account is not bottomless. So where does limitlessness play a role in my life?

I will never forget how incredible Hanuman is, but what I can sometimes overlook is that he was capable of this limitlessness because of his devotion. Hanuman’s attention is not scattered. He is limitless in the areas where he feels called and loves deeply.

This month I am embodying, offering, and learning lessons around Limitlessness. Whether we explore this together in my new online program, How to Be A Yoga Professional, or online on your mat as you explore full splits, or in your personal life as you move toward the life you imagine- a key piece of to limitlessness is connecting to your sense of devotion.

If there is space to expand in your life, and who doesn’t have space for growth, accept that the bounds of your heart and your passion are limitless and one of the most important questions you can explore is, where is my heart called?

Once you begin listening for an answer, even if it is unclear, where there once was an edge suddenly there is space. My heart feels called to the mountains and while I still live in the city, it seems that I can always find and make time for Mother Nature. Understanding our devotion is a key piece to finding where in our lives there is space to expand.

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