Practice Your Patience

In what feels like a past-life, I was a second-grade school teacher. Each day, eager 7-year-olds would circle around my legs as they finished their assigned work and I would gently remind them to return to their seats and "practice their patience." It was my tag-line as a budding teacher and my students would sweetly remind each other when someone else had forgotten.

As a yoga-prenuer (that is yoga entrepreneur), I now receive these divine downloads in almost all aspects of my career and life. It is as though I am standing at the legs of the universe, and it is reminding me to return to my seat and wait patiently there.

For example, as I sit down to write this blog on patience, I have been "on hold" with my car insurance company for over 24 hours. Now I am not convinced that State Farm is actually the feet of The Divine, but I am even moment to moment receiving the message.

Our culture and lifestyle have us convinced that tasks, like Google Map directions, should be linear and the shortest route possible. I have an unquenchable thirst for satisfaction on any and all things- from the grumbles of my belly to building my dream house. I want it all now! As though I am screaming to the universe, "I did my work! Now what?"

In all my studies of The Divine, I have learned (more than once, cause I am hard-headed), that energy/life does not move in straight lines and certainly does not research traffic patterns and shortcuts. I understand that the Earth revolves in an ellipse around the Sun and my blood flows in cycles throughout my body. I have found that the healing of the paper cut on my hand is taking a bit longer and longer as I grow a bit older and the healing of my heart turns in circles of varying intensity in often the most unpredictable manner. So why if I understand this is patience so hard to come by?

As I taught a brand new group of students to tie malas, just nights ago, I knew to remind them that while their hands will learn the pattern to follow to make each knot that the intention-filled necklace will offer them new lessons and recycled lessons as they created their masterpiece. (Interested in a mala? Read the remainder of this newsletter)

What are you hoping to "get through" in life? Where are you searching for shortcuts? What have you grasped at so hard, it feels like the dream is nearly crushed? Is there space in your life for more patience?

I am exploring answers to these questions, and while I look for clarity, I will return to my seat (my meditation cushion) and practice my patience.

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