The Full Send (Reflections on my 34th Year)

As someone approaching 35 years old, it is possible for at least five years, if not ten years, I have been out of the loop on the "cool kid lingo". Knowing that now, it should come as no surprise that in the past month I learned that "liking cake" means either liking butts or money or both- it sometimes feels like we just can't get enough of either. Music has completely changed for me since learning this new phrase. “Cake by the Ocean” is a completely new song. You can pause your reading and go listen if this is news to you.

While watching North Carolina play Gonzaga in the National Championship, I learned where going "hard in the paint" actually happens on the court. And this past weekend I learned to properly use the phrase “full send”. By the way, if these phrases are new to you, I find that “going hard in the paint” and giving something the “full send” are synonymous.

On my annual hut trip adventure, full send was used to talk about the cliff someone was about to leap off of and the bottle of whiskey we had the responsibility to finish. While these two activities are more of a spectator sport for me, I did realize that I was ready to give my last week of being 34 the full send. I also realized that I give yoga the full send when I teach. It is the only way I know how to do it.

This week, I celebrate where I have been in the past year, and live these two final days to the fullest before jumping into the next adventure of my 35th year. This begins with teaching my heart out and being sure my toenails are painted and my shoulders spend some time in the sunshine.

Marianne Williamson said, “It is not our darkness, but our light that frightens us.” When I teach, I aim to remind students to be unafraid of their own light, to reach for what is seems impossible, and to go “hard in the paint” even if they mess up or fall down.

Where in your life can you dive into the opportunity to give the “full send?” Where has playing small gotten comfortable, but also stagnant? I encourage you to move boldly toward your biggest and brightest self- as though this were the one life you (and I) have been given. May we not take it for granted.

To be fair, if we live our lives "hard in the paint" in every moment, we are destined to end up sick and tired. In fact, most of my down days have followed spending too much time on the edge- whether the edge of a cliff or the brink of a handstand or even with my heart way out on the line. We all need to balance these bold moments by leaving time for reflection and taking rest. So I suppose my question for you, and for me is, what side of the spectrum are you in need of? Is time for a full send? Or time to enjoy some cake?

Make it Meaning Full!

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