Beautiful Disaster

The words beautiful disaster take me back to high school and the 311 lyric that resonates is "You're a butterfly in the wind without a care." I feel like everything from living your dreams to winning a game of monopoly has an element of beautiful disaster. A moment of commitment and concentration and opportunities for grace, humility, and God. When we start to see that we are either part of This Magnificent Plan (and are worthy of it) or, more like my experience, we are NOT able to do it all on our own, but that it is all still happening, our lives tend to feel more fulfilling- there is a blessing (blessing+lesson) in every single day. As I approach my 35th birthday in just under a week, I reflect on so many moments that have been a beautiful disaster. Most of my most memorable moments have bits of planned orchestration combined with the completely divine intervention. Thirty-five seemed so old when I gazed toward it in my twenties (with a well drink in one hand and maybe even a cigarette in the other). Now as I sit before it, I gaze with wonder at what is ahead and all the impossibilities that will unfold before me. Now I have dropped the cigarette and picked up a Passion Planner, but in the evenings, you will find me with a glass of vino verde in my other hand. Last month I shared my biggest heart work yet, The Meaning Full Mentorship Online Course. We had a good launch, but according to my ambitious side, I did not hit my mark. I spent the last month looking at the work and the opportunity before me to dust off and try again. For the next 10 days, I relaunch the Online Course and I bring back the Mentorship Live Sessions. My online video this month articulates the difference in these two awesome programs for yoga teachers. Somewhere along my path, I discovered (and continue to rediscover) that just because your heart is out there on the line that is not guaranteed to be easy. So I put my heart back out there, give it another shot, and stand waiting for the glorious blessons of this journey around the sun.

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