Walking In The Spider Web

Meaning Full Followers, Teachers, and Guides,

Happy March! Are you celebrating Spring and the equinox? All up in the March Madness Still buried in snow and hoping Winter lets you loose soon?

One of my favorite March traditions is asking myself and others, what are you going to do with this extra light? How are you going to dedicate your precious energy this Spring? And then the universe sends me a sign universal sign of seeming darkness, The Spider....

At my house, I have been known for saving a few dozen spiders with the old cup and paper trick. While I can handle the chills spiders send down my spine, I don't usually cuddle up with them for inspiration, but sometimes the universe knows there is a lesson you need to learn and sends you in its direction even if it wasn't your first choice.

The past 4 weeks I have spent tons of time on the web, well, perhaps on the inter-web is a more accurate statement. I have worked on my brand, built a killer email list (that includes YOU), and expanded my offerings. As you know the Meaning Full Mentorship Online Course is up and running for yoga teachers. Maybe all this time and energy on the web sent me into the spiderweb. (Can anyone else hear Gwen Stefani's voice singing whenever I use that term?)

The spider is said to remind us mostly about our dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means path or work. A spider is DEDICATED to her work. Even before a spider crafts her beautiful web, she picks just the right location to spend her time and once she has laid down her web, she sits and watches. Not only is her web beautiful, it is practical. A spider is careful about the energy she uses and committed to her masterpiece.

What was the last thing you committed to with all your heart?

Meaning Full is where my heart is dedicated. While I am tempted in moments to jump ship, build a new web, and throw my energy all over the place, I choose to stay in it, to be patient, and to weave my own destiny.

Thank you for your support. Take a look at what is happening in March at Meaning Full and consider your dharma (path) and if it might cross my path in the near future.

With Purpose, On Purpose.

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