Vision, Patience, and Perspective: Meaning Full Lessons from February

Welcome my Meaning Full Friends,

Happy February!

Sno-ga has been an annual event I have hosted for 4+ years and was inspired by the notion that adding time outside to our yoga practice can accelerate and clarify our understanding of ourselves and our world. I dreamt this up while hiking with my husband and talking about our future goals and dreams. It seems like a million years ago (and just yesterday), back when it seemed it was almost silly to think we could turn what we loved into what we did for a living. And now, I marvel at why I ever waited. Last weekend, a dozens Sno-gis traveled to Fraser, Colorado for this year's experience. In addition to new friendships, a couple dozen chatarungas, and food from the Basic Kneads Pizza oven, this retreat had an unexpected presence and theme. The home we inhabited was filled with owls. No living ones (at least we didn't see any), but it was obvious the homeowners truly loved these majestic and wise animals.

No coincidence at all, I asked my deck of spirit animal cards for insight and direct following the retreat, not just once, but twice I drew the owl card. What does the owl have in store for me? And also for you? The owl is a symbol of vision, patience, and perspective. I wonder how many owls I have passed by on hikes and not seen. I am curious about their view of my adventure, what they would remind me to keep in mind, and where they would send me next. The owl may be the ultimate mentor.

As a mentor myself, I work diligently on learning:

to listen more, speak less- super tough but worth it for me

to see more, and pause without the need to adjust, fix, celebrate, or flee

to support yoga teachers and yogis as they journey on their own paths

My personal legacy (or vision) these days is to cultivate strong relationships with YOU. I have been creating a "secret" project for three months now and am bursting at the seams at the idea of showing it to you. It is my greatest practice of patience and wisdom so far in my professional life. Please consider paying close attention in this email, future emails, and on social media for the big reveal. Perhaps all of our heads will spin round just like the owls.

It is an absolute HOOT communicating with you all this way. I bow in deep gratitude for your support and hope our paths cross again very soon.

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