My Experience Teaching Online Yoga Classes

Are you the kind of person who works harder, or at least more honestly, when someone tells you what to do?

Have you been hesitant to try online yoga because it is challenging to flush out "your teacher" in a sea of possibilities?

Do you sometimes wonder why yoga costs so much and wonder if there is an affordable option that doesn't sacrifice quality? is absolutely the answer to these questions.

I have been sharing yoga on for years. I remember how thrilling it was to think that I would get to wear a microphone and be filmed. While those two aspects are still exciting, I remained engaged in the process because it is an opportunity to offer yoga to so many who can not/have not made it into the studios where I teach in Denver and beyond.

This Denver-based business is chock full of great teachers. So many of my friends, colleagues and teachers have classes you can take right now, from wherever you are reading this blog.

I have found the Yogadownload community to be some of the kindest, most gracious and generous people on the internet. Whether it is a mom of a toddler doing yoga during naptime or a business person getting their yoga on in a hotel room while traveling midweek, I find that the yoga brought to them, anytime, anywhere, provides so much relief. I am always shocked how far one class can reach. I personally love when I tape a class about fall/winter in Denver and it is spring/summer in Sydney, Australia.

In a heated room in Denver, I tend to be known for my creative flows, jamming playlists, and my awesome assists. To tape a class and offer it online has asked me to hone in on different skills and complete theme and plan. As a trainer of yoga teachers, I asked new trainees to be clear and concise, to let their ego go and keep things simple. It turns out that the online format keeps me honest. I have learned how to plan sequences with fun transitions but also with clear cues and consistent pacing to help at home students feel successful. I have learned to offer modifications and expanded expression without taking away from what is powerful about the purest form of the pose. I also have learned to deliver a theme that grounds the practice, enhances the physicality, and offers an opportunity to continue practicing even after the down dogs are over. I owe these skills to yogadownload.

Give a class a try. Provide me with feedback. I would love to offer yoga to YOU, anytime, anywhere, that meets your needs. Do you have an idea for a class or a request for a pose? I would love to hear from you.

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