Do I need a mentorship? A Mentee Testimonial

I hesitated. Do I need a mentorship? Can I just do some self study? Do I need to invest in this now? I already knew that Christen would be a joy to work with, but I wasn’t sure about the long-distance video thing. I chatted it over with friends, with my husband. During this consideration, I realized that I’d become pretty comfortable in my teaching. For me, that was a pretty big deal, because for the longest time, I got super-nervous before every class I taught. While I’m so glad to notice that my confidence teaching yoga has grown, I also realized that this means it’s time to go deeper. Dang. Deeper can be scary. Still uncertain until the last minute, I signed up before I could talk myself back out of it. I’m so glad I did!

We are now halfway through our 6-week session, and I see how much I needed this accountability, this fresh perspective on my teaching. I’m seeing it spill over into other areas of my life as well. Everything about the experience has been positive. It’s been so intimate and easy to connect with her and the other mentees in my group. I’m tapping into my strengths that have been there all along, and just needed a little nudge to bring them out. I’m stepping forward, using the confidence I’ve built from teaching consistently over the last year, and tweaking it to bring more authenticity, more true service from me exactly as I am. Christen is beautifully letting each of us do our own work from very different perspectives, building from our own experiences in life, in our yoga practice, in our teaching. We are weaving it all together step by step, growing our branches in all directions.

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