Where Meaning is Full, Beauty is Found: A Mentorship Testimonial

When stepping into this mentorship opportunity I was excited to explore what was behind being a more intentional and meaning filled teacher. New to the yoga-teaching field with a year under my belt I wanted to find a place to grow my teaching. I wanted to be sure I was serving my students with the most integrity and heart I had available to offer them. I wanted the influence of a teacher that I not only trusted but a teacher that had a vision that was visible and contagious. A teacher with reach, depth, creativity, and intentionality. Within the fist couple of weeks, I was excited to see the catalyst of Christen’s thought filled conversations, prompts, and personal exploration comes to life in my teaching. Her experience is filled with intellect, wisdom, and heart that guides teacher like myself be of greater service to my students. Her tenderness cultivates an atmosphere of community, freedom, exploration, and curiosity to any teacher looking to expand their horizon quite possibility further than could have been previously imagined. It has been my personal experience that Christen helps find the words to express ideas that had already been lingering in my mind that then flow into my teaching. I have found this mentorship to be a wonderful opportunity to grow, serve, reflect, and expand the teacher I am. I am excited for the remaining weeks ahead. I can only imagine the depths, lengths, and heights that will be reached.

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