Autumn Is Mother Nature's Do Over

As an adult, I reminisce about being young and playing dodgeball, kickball or any game really, and yelling, “Do Over!” This signaled an automatic, God-given right to try again. I find that in my adult life I rarely get this opportunity and if I do, I am uncertain if it makes me look weak or unprepared when I ask for it.

The wild, or at least, remarkable thing about this is that every year, Mother Nature gives the forests an honorary “do over.” Each aspen tree has its final moment of glory for the year as it turns gold, amber, and crimson before letting it all go.

There are so many areas of my life that could benefit from this practice. Poses I fall out of, emails that came across sharp, interactions with my barista, and conversations with my husband. What if my credit card company once a year let me go wild and then wiped the slate clean? Fat chance of that happening, but here’s to hoping.

However, in the teaching of yoga, we get to, again and again, start over. Maybe yesterday your sequence rocked, but our heart was not in it, or Visa-Versa. Today we get a chance to explore again the choices we are making and how they impact students.

I created the Meaning Full Mentorship as my gift to yoga teachers everywhere that wanted a chance to begin again. What if you could celebrate all there is to celebrate about yourself and your teaching, but then let go off all that was not working? Perhaps you are following a pattern of “shoulds” in your teaching or maybe you are feeling less inspired than when you first began. Even still, maybe your classes are big, your playlist booming, but you know that you could still grow into a fuller and truer version of yourself.

The aspen trees in Colorado haven’t necessarily been making mistakes or doing it wrong. It is their Mother Nature given right to let go, to soften into a slower and more thoughtful rhythm, and begin again, clearer and more purposeful than before.

If any of this jives with you and your yoga instruction, I would love for you to join me in a Mentorship group or a one-on-one call. As my friend, Michael Franti says, "it is never too late to start the day over."

Finally, come and witness the aspen trees grand finale in Fraser, CO for my Autumn Meaning Full Yoga and Hiking Retreat where we will reset, reconsider, and recharge.

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