Reconsider: The Pitfalls of Autopilot (and a few blessings)

Autopilot has been given a bad rap.

Autopilot can be good for many things. Thank goodness autopilot kicks in before you rear-end someone with your car. What a blessing it is that your body takes a breath when you need oxygen in an uncomfortable yoga pose, that your heart continues to beat even if it is aching, that you don’t pee yourself at the first feeling of the urge.

However, reconsidering the patterns you have that you have chosen, that are not life and death, wet pants or dry pants, can lead you to feel more refreshed and alive in your own life, without needing to change a thing. For example, we all can be challenged to “fit it all in” but when I recently reconsidered my own social media and television time I discovered I have at least an hour for exercise and an hour for writing/meditation/reading every single day.

It can be challenging inside of our programmed and scheduled lives to notice these things though. Creating intentional time to step back and reevaluate has been an incredible part of my own rituals. I do it seasonally, but I have friends who do this work every month, every week, and every year. Ultimately you choose the timeframe that works best and feels best to you.

One way to guarantee yourself the chance to do reconsider, to decide for yourself what is working, what is serving, and what you can let go of is on my Autumn Meaning Full Yoga Retreat in Fraser, CO. Each day of the weekend will begin with silent time for introspection, journaling, and intentionality. By carving out a weekend, it would be fair to say that you have more time than you think you do to take good care of yourself and ultimately and consequently take good care of the ones you love.

Whether you join me on retreat this year or not, know that autopilot can be nice here and there. I love having a rhythm, giving myself permission to let go and not overthink every move, and trusting that my body is built to keep me safe. In addition to that, we all have a right to pause, observe our own patterns, and either dive deeper in or take a different path. This would be called living an extra-ordinary life! You deserve it.

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