Retreat: Reset, Reconsider, Recharge  (Part One of Three) Reset: To Return to its Original Place

You know in your bathroom, on the outlet, there is a reset button? What is that button for? As it turns out, the electrical system in our house can get overwhelmed. It seems to happen in most homes when the curling iron and the hair dryer are plugged in at the same time. An extraordinary electrician built in the opportunity to relinquish our electrical system by providing it a reset button.

Question is, do I have a reset button that I cannot see? How do we recover from a life style that inundates us with images, stimulation, and pressure? What do we do when our system is running through the grocery store, posting to Facebook, and having that uncomfortable conversation with your boss all at the same time?

There are many answers to this question, but in my experience attending a yoga retreat is one catch all way to appease our overrun nervous systems.

Because of the day to day pressure of family and career, traffic and to-do lists, our nervous system is under the distinct impression that we are being chased by a bear nearly all day long. Most of us never stop, until it is bedtime and then we can’t fall asleep because our mind is still buzzing with tomorrows worries and drama. Words like overwhelmed and overrun were created to describe machinery not the human condition.

By setting aside a weekend for self-care, driving to where the wifi is weak, and spending time with likeminded community, we give ourselves the opportunity to reset. When we add in intentional quiet time, healthy meals, and adventures in the great outdoors, our system literally rejoices by reducing the cortisol in our blood and sending serotonin through our veins. In theory, we push the little red button on our nervous system via a slower pace, time in nature, and a little bit longer savasana practice and give ourselves the opportunity to return to our original place of peace and joy.

Don’t we all need this?

For more details on my Meaning Full fall retreat and other happenings, please visit:

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