Burn, Baby, Burn!

Are you more curious about what keeps a fire burning more than how to start a new one?

I am a fire child. I have bright red hair-well, at least I did before the aging process began. I live my live with a feriousity that is rarely met by another. My husband owns a wood-fired pizza truck and we spend all our free time outside camping and roasting marshmallows. Fire is my thing.

However as Joel and I looked out our camper window on Friday night to see a fire a blaze in the middle of the woods, we were quite surprised and shocked.

Earlier that evening, we had built a somewhat anticlimactic fire that kept us warm, but hardly had a flame. We meticulously spread the burning remains out in the fireman and had also dumped a gallon of water on that fire to ensure that we went to bed with it completely out. As it turns out, that while we had doused the fire well and spread the coals out quite thin, because it was so strong from the inside, it just needed a bit of time to dry out and it would easily reignite.

I feel my heart that way sometimes. Passenger sings “My Heart’s on Fire” and it rings so true to me. Sometimes life throws a theoretical gallon of water over my fiery passion or a day’s demands have my love spread quite thin. I have learned to tend to my heart, my fire, over the years. It needs time to dry out, to recollect, to remember, and then it makes the comeback I have so longed for. While it would be easy sometimes to seek out the next source of flame, I am proud to say that my heart is worth waiting for. Is yours? Can you give your fire the time it needs to reignite?

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