We are Currently Flying into a 75 Mile per Hour Headwind!

Yes, I am writing this from a plane. Airplanes are ripe with inspiration. Just think about it, “Please put your own mask on before helping another”, “Turn the power off on your phone and other electronic devices,” “Smoking is not allowed in the lavatories.” Okay the third one is far fetched, but really, each time I am on an airplane I find myself in awe of all the lessons.

Twenty minutes into my flight the pilot comes over the intercom system and says, “We have reached our cruising altitude but are currently flying into a 75mph headwind. We will continue flying as fast as we can.”

Which caused me to say in my own head, “No kidding, me too!” Between pouring my heart into my work and considering all the work that is still left to be complete, I am felling the pressure as much as my plane is. Life is like that on some days. Today’s announcement opened the door to more questions than answers, maybe you have some insight or wisdom to share:

Do you, like me, often feel pressure to act as though it is simply smooth sailing?

When will we all quit pretending that life is easy, and we have it all under control, and lean on each other like the pilot declared to all passengers today?

How do you move forward when facing resistance?

How can you find a sense of humor and perseverance as it all unfolds?

And as a human, not an airplane, is it possible to consider that you could change your course and go a bit more with the flow of energy?

I hope these questions land in your consciousness and lead you to a smoother course or at least, if you are facing a strong headwind today, you know you are not alone.


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