Today is a Great Day to Begin!

Today Is A Great Day to Begin!

Do you find that playing small is often easier than going big? Does your big dream actually involved being more grounded, thoughtful, and honestly, doing a lot less with more intention? Me too! I curated and taught at Steamboat Movement Fest this past weekend. Prior to the weekend, Jacki Carr, my branding coach, and I planned ways to launch a strong message and great connections. We had literally dozens of ways for me to be impactful and I was so excited about them. Once in action in Steamboat, I did one of them, maybe half of the time. I chickened out. Why do we, run from what we most want? Where does the work we do on our mats meet our life off the mat? How do we bridge this gap together and live bigger lives? Today I begin again, in Kansas City, with sweaty armpits and an open heart and great ideas. Today I take steps toward my dreams with diligent work and focus. Today I say no to distraction and yes to intention. I once was in my own way, but today I am not. Today is a great day to start. Meaning Full will bridge this gap for yoga teachers, yogis, and seekers alike. Together we will listen, support one another, and discern the real shit from the bull shit.

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