When Your Friends Become Moms, And You Don’t

As I sat with one of my closest friends at the kiddie pool-yep the pee filled puddle I never thought I would go near-I found myself more inspired than I ever expected. Maybe it was the cute little swimming songs she was singing to her 6 month old, but I think it was more than that.

My college bar-hopping buddy, who became one of my bridesmaids and pretty much my neighbor, has been a part of some of my greatest memories as I moved into full adulthood. We have inside jokes, more than a decade of stories and pictures to prove it. We stood beside each other at both of our weddings. Because of our proximity to one another, I have had a front row seat to her journey into motherhood.

Yesterday I witnessed firsthand how much she has expanded. She is absolutely lit up by her child’s giggles, kicks, and even his fake cough. As someone who has not made the choice to take on parenting, I found it unusual to fall so easily into this role as well. Unlike the grasping I typically feel around change, I found myself overcome with emotion and pride for my friend and her new role as a mom.

Change is hard. It does not always come easy to let your friends or family change, even when they are following their dreams. What is more common, at least for me, is to want it all to remain the same, the way you remember it. Whenever we make room for others to change, we give ourselves permission to also evolve in the most authentic and Meaning Full ways.

How can you be more open to the change around you? How can that change inspire you to stand more for your own values?

#meaningfull #change #acceptance #evolution

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