Do You Beat Yourself Up? Me Too!

Have you ever considered the language you use with yourself when you are struggling?

Do you grant your loved ones more forgiveness than you have space for when it comes to your own mistakes?

Yesterday I caught Joel, my husband, in a completely off moment, puffy eyes, angry attitude and avoiding connection. Because he asked for space and mentioned it had to do with work, not me, I assumed that someone at his job had made a huge mistake and he was headed in to handle it. I actually spent the entire morning worrying and hypothesizing on what the mistake was and who had done it.

When we reconnected later that afternoon, it turns out he was still upset, but ready to talk about the mistake HE had made. My mind was blown. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this as a possibility. He was angry and disappointed in himself. Though the mistake was significant, it really was just that, a mistake.

It is easier to look at Joel in isolation, but the greater work inside of this moment was seeing myself. My own greatest critic has kept me away from practicing forgiveness on my greatest relationship, the one with myself.

The work of yoga, my work with yoga, is to notice the patterns of my mind. What we think we become, so if we can find a bit more space for grace for ourselves, we may find that our world is gentler with one another as well. May we all remember that we are growing and learning always and that we could be our own best friends.

Could you be your own best friend today? Even if you mess up big? Do Your Work!

#loveyourself #doyourwork #meaningfull #radicalselfacceptance #yoga #forgiveness

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