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Meaning Full Mission and Values

At Meaning Full, when someone says something was meaningful, that person is describing something that is full of purpose and has an impact.


Meaning Full provides tools and practices for the purpose of benefitting others while using our inner gifts and talents.


Meaning Full work is a realization that we are already full of gifts, ideas, and energy that can contribute to a more meaningful existence.


Meaning Full work includes, but is not limited to, yoga classes and practices, retreats, and supporting yoga teachers via mentorship and training. 

What Does Meaning Full Value? 


  • A purposeful way includes taking action with service in mind. Who do your actions go to serve?

  • Expand your understanding of what is possible. Where is a limiting belief diminishing what is possible?  How can we let that go? 

  • The practice of yoga is not an either/or, but the practice of AND. As yogis, we come to understand we have choice in every moment. We use discernment to get there. When all is possible, which path will you choose today? 

  • Like any journey, it begins with a single step, a single moment of willingness that moves us into action. Even if you are not ready, are you willing?



Want to Practice Together?

Public Classes

Wednesdays 4 & 7p

Thursdays at 12p & 530p

The River Power Vinyasa

1212 Delaware St Denver, CO

All Levels Heated Vinyasa

One-on-One Sessions

 Individual Lessons, Classes, and Coaching

(Willing To Travel and Available Virtually, too) 

Online Yoga
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Teacher Mentorship

Take your yoga instruction to the next level and find your purpose so every move is purposeful

Your Words Mean So Much

"Christen's ability to pull out my inner vulnerabilities and strengths allowed me to invest wholly into yoga teacher training, and invited me on a lifelong journey of being curious about the interweaving of yoga and daily life."  Jessie Zacharias, 200 Hour Teacher Training Graduate, Yoga Teacher, Kind and Open Heart in Bend, OR

"Christen Bakken believes in me, and even though there are times I want to be just like her, she reminds me that I should see myself the way that she sees me… great, capable, and worthy of love."  Jenny Anderson- 200 hour training graduate, supported/mentored teacher, current training lead, overall bad ass in Kansas City, MO

"No matter what she is doing, she takes a pause to wrap me in a hug. And that is what it feels like to be her friend on social media. Every post is that smile and hug -- a reminder for me to take a moment and feel warm. Whether it is a shared yoga flow, a quote, or a thought, it is a way to take a pause and notice. To presence myself. An opportunity to be inspired."  Janssen Judge- Yogini, Coach, Teacher, Absolutely Lovely- Kirkland, Washington


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